A Humbling Feeling

The Modern Day Millionaire, Gratitude, and Feeling Blessed

When I tell people I wrote a book (shameless plug alert: The Modern Day Millionaire, available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your other favorite retailer – makes a fantastic gift!) they always ask me why I wrote it. Now, I love coaching people towards their financial goals, but plenty of others enjoy that and don’t go writing a book about it.

When I really reflect on it, I realize I wrote the book simply because I enjoy creating things. With my passion for financial planning, the book ended up being a personal finance primer. But, had my passion been interior design, I’m sure I would’ve written a book about that.

The point being, I didn’t write this book to build my brand or to position myself as an expert or any of that hullaboo. I wrote it because I wanted to create a book. I wrote the book that I wished I would’ve had in my early 20s. I wrote the book to help those people that want to get a handle on their finances but have no idea how to start or no idea what they’re doing.

The Most Rewarding Feeling

While I wrote the book purely out of a creative desire, I still want it to help people. This means I’m still actively promoting and selling it. (Did I mention you can buy it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your other favorite bookseller?!) After all, it doesn’t help anyone sitting around in some warehouse.

Many of my initial sales were to friends and family, most of whom, I’m assuming, bought the book simply because they know me, not out of a burning desire to read about financial planning. Had I wrote that book about interior design, I’m sure most of these people would have bought it as well. And I love them for their support. It makes me happy to feel like so many people have my back no matter what.

The greatest feeling in the world has been when some of these friends – who normally wouldn’t buy a book on personal finance – tells me the book actually got them excited about taking control over their financial life.

Having people buying the book is great. Knowing the book is actually impacting people feels even more fantastic. Particularly knowing it’s reaching those it’s meant to help: people who don’t see themselves as financially savvy or knowledgeable.

The World is Out There…Go Get It

I may have wrote the book purely to scratch my personal creative itch, but knowing that it truly helped even one person get rolling financially is the most rewarding feeling I can imagine. Thank you to everyone that’s helped me get to where I am today, where I can follow through on my mission to improve financial lives!

What do you think? If you’ve read the book I’d love nothing more than to hear what you think. Anything you loved, anything you wish I had included, anything you would add or remove. Comment below, post to our Facebook page, or email mark@markdurrenberger.com.

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