A Humbling Feeling

The Modern Day Millionaire, Gratitude, and Feeling Blessed

When I tell people I wrote a book (shameless plug alert: The Modern Day Millionaire,¬†available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your other favorite retailer – makes a fantastic gift!) they always ask me why I wrote it. Now, I love coaching people towards their financial goals, but plenty of others enjoy that and don’t go writing a book about it.

When I really reflect on it, I realize I wrote the book simply because I enjoy creating things. With my passion for financial planning, the book ended up being a personal finance primer. But, had my passion been interior design, I’m sure I would’ve written a book about that.

The point being, I didn’t write this book to build my brand or to position myself as an expert or any of that hullaboo. I wrote it because I wanted to create a book. I wrote the book that I wished I would’ve had in my early 20s. I wrote the book to help those people that want to get a handle on their finances but have no idea how to start or no idea what they’re doing. (more…)