How I Made an Extra $600 – and You Can Too

5 Tips for Quick Cash from Bank Account Bonuses

Not to brag (ok, to brag a little #humblebrag), but over the past two months Bank of America and Chase have each paid me $300, just for opening and funding new checking accounts, netting me a cool $600. Well, less taxes, and the annoying $6 worth of transfer fees Bank of America charged me (but more on that later.) How did I pull that off you might ask? Well, read on, my friend (don’t consider me a friend just yet? we can fix that!).

New Customer Incentives

You’ve probably seen them in the mail or in ads online. Open an account, set up direct deposit, get $100 or $200 or more! (Like the $300 a piece I netted above – man I wish there was a book that distilled some of these hot financial tips down into actionable advice.

As you’d guess, there are some terms to meet and hoops to jump through, but provided you follow the rules, which, as you’ll see, really aren’t that difficult, you get the extra cash free and clear.

Why Would They Do That?


Salary Negotiation Doesn’t Need to Be Intimidating

I’m really excited about today’s post. We have Claudia Telles, founder of Trailblazing Business joining us with a short video with tips that can drastically change your financial life.

Getting a salary increase, or negotiating for a higher offer with a new company, can literally put hundreds of extra dollars into your pocket each month. Even a one-time salary bump can be huge for your entire financial life as that extra money each month compounds.

If you’re like me, though, you’ve never been told how to actually go about asking for more money – and maybe you’re a little intimidated by the sound of “salary negotiations” like I was.

Claudia to the Rescue

Fortunately, Claudia’s business is in career coaching and a big part of that is helping people get comfortable with negotiations of all kinds. It was certainly never a strength of mine, but she has helped me get comfortable with it and her advice has paid dividends for me personally – at one point her advice helped me get a $5,000 higher salary with a new employer with one quick conversation.

Check out the video above.

What do you think? What’s your biggest hang up when it comes to salary negotiation? Comment below, post to Facebook, or email and let us know.

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