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You Don’t Need $1,000,000 to Live Like a Millionaire

Everyone wants to live like a millionaire, but there’s no magic in having one million dollars. Some multi-millionaires live lives full of financial worry, while there are those, with only a fraction of the wealth, who could stop working at a relatively early age and live in comfort for the rest of their days. What’s the difference? It comes down to intentional goals, a carefully crafted plan, and consistent execution. This is the recipe of the Modern Day Millionaire.

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With this easy-to-read guide you will discover:

  • The single most important step to building wealth.
  • Achieving financial independence is closer than you think.
  • You can confidently negotiate a five-figure raise without confrontation or stress.
  • How to turn your passions into income.
  • Low-cost investing tips that will save you tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Why extreme budgeting fails, and what to do instead.
  • How to productively tune out the “noise” of modern life.

This easy-to-understand, jargon-free guide  walks you, step-by-step, through the process of achieving your own financial goals.

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