Financial Tools

Looking for free online tools to help you calculate how fast you can pay off a loan? How much your savings would be worth in 20 years? How much your net paycheck will be after taxes in a new job?

Look no further!

Note: if you’re looking for The Modern Day Millionaire specific resources mentioned in the book, head on over HERE for those.

Net Paycheck Calculator

Starting a new job or getting a raise and unsure of what you’ll be bringing home each paycheck after taxes? Use this free online tool to estimate your net paycheck using your gross pay. A great tool to help with budgeting when you know what your new salary will be, but aren’t sure how much you’ll be netting after taxes yet.

IRS Check My Refund

Breathlessly awaiting that juicy tax refund hitting your bank account? You can check on the status of you refund (and tax return) directly with the IRS. It generally takes a few days after your return is filed to show up. But once it’s in the system you can see when it’s been accepted, approved and when to expect any refund owed.

IRS Withholding Calculator

Looking to see if you’re on pace for a refund or if you’ll owe taxes when you file your return? This IRS tool can help. It’s also useful for figuring out how much you should withhold when starting a new job or experience a change in filing status, like getting married.

IL Unclaimed Property Finder

Do you now or have you ever lived in Illinois? If so, take two minutes and search your name in this database to see if the state is holding onto any money owed you. It’s easy, free, and three out of every four people I know who checked were owed something. Get it before the state legislators try to use it to pay the bills! (That was a joke, but you never know with Illinois.)

FINRA Brokercheck

Thinking about hiring a financial advisor or working with an investment professional? Check out their regulatory history with this free resource hosted by FINRA (the self-regulatory body of the securities and insurance industry.) You can see if a prospective professional has had any legal action taken against them or been reprimanded for any possible misdeeds. You can also see their industry registration history. Feel free to check me out on there too!

You may notice I have a sporadic registration history with FINRA. As discussed HERE, FINRA regulates securities brokers (i.e. salespeople that earn commissions for selling securities products.) In the early part of my career I worked as a broker (as most people do when entering the industry), but the bulk of my career, including present day, has been as a fee-only advisor registered with the SEC.